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NuviaLab Meno: Is It Worth The Hype? Our Honest Review

nuvia lab meno


Menopause is the last phase of a woman’s reproductive existence. When you have gone 12 months without a menstrual period, it happens. The body of a woman stops producing estrogen and progesterone at this period. Although the exact timing can vary from woman to woman, it is widely agreed that menopause affects the majority of women between the ages of 45 and 55. NuviaLab Meno is here to help with managing the symptoms.

Premature menopause is when a woman experiences her first period at age 40 or under. The word “men” and the word “paus” are both Greek terms. Menos is Greek for “month,” and paus is Latin for “to end.” As you might have guessed, menopause is the end of a woman’s monthly cycle. When you get to this point in your life, you are not necessarily elderly. It’s just that your reproductive years are over. Learn about menopause, its symptoms, and how it affects your life in this article.

An All Too Familiar Story

Sarah is a woman who experienced a really trying period throughout menopause. She was struggling with heat flashes, mood swings, and insomnia all the time. She felt as though she was losing control over her physical and emotional state. But afterward, she learned something that fundamentally altered her life.

It was like a miracle in a bottle and was a supplement for managing menopausal symptoms. Within a short period of time, after Sarah started taking it daily, she saw a significant improvement. Her heat flashes were less frequent and less severe when they did occur. She began getting more restful sleep at night, which lifted her spirits during the day.

But Sarah’s general perspective on menopause saw the most significant change. She began to embrace this new phase of her life rather than feeling like she was in a never-ending struggle with her body. Her perspective on menopause changed from one of dread and resistance to one of change and progress.

I recall our initial conversation when Sarah began using the supplement. She had a different voice from before. Her comments were more upbeat and her voice more assured. She said she felt like she had control over her life again for the first time in months.

And the best part? Sarah wasn’t the only one who noticed the difference., Her co-workers, friends and family could see the change in her as well. They told her that she seemed happier and more relaxed. She seemed at peace with herself.

So, if you’re going through menopause and feeling like it’s taking over your life, I would strongly recommend trying a menopause relief supplement. It could be the key to unlocking a whole new level of peace and enjoyment in this stage of your life. Believe me, it made all the difference for Sarah, and it could do the same for you.

Why Does Menopause Occur?

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The simple response is that it must. Consider the transition taking place as you “transform from youth to an older, wiser, more graceful age.” Female menstruation becomes less regular and eventually stops as estrogen levels fall. The ovaries are where estrogen and progesterone are made. Multiple changes to the female body occur during this phase. Some women claim to be more easily fatigued and to suffer from frequent muscle soreness and aches.


  • Perimenopause: During this stage which usually begins years before menopause, the lady may start to experience irregular periods or scanty periods due to the steady decrease of estrogen levels.
  • Menopause: This is when a lady has gone 12 consecutive months with no menstrual cycle
  • Post menopause: These are the years after menopause. They last till death.


As a woman that is going through menopause, these are some of the symptoms you may experience

  • Hot flashes
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Increased heart rate
  • Dyspareunia (painful sex)
  • Urgent need to urinate more frequently
  • Irritability
  • Night sweats
  • Dry skin
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Weight gain

What is Nuvialab Meno and What Does It Do?

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Are you tired of hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings interfering with your daily life?

 Do you wish there was a natural way to manage your menopause symptoms and restore balance to your body? Look no further than Nuvia Lab Meno.

Our supplement is specially formulated with natural ingredients that work to alleviate the most common symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, and fatigue. With consistent use, Nuvia Lab Meno can help you feel like a happier version of yourself and reclaim control over your body and your life.

 Nuvia Lab Meno is made with only the highest quality, plant-based ingredients that have been clinically proven to help in the management of menopause symptoms. Whether you’re in the early stages of menopause or have been experiencing symptoms for some time, Nuvia Lab Meno can help you find relief and get back to enjoying the things you love.

How Does Nuvia Lab Meno work?

As we all know, menopause is a normal aging process that affects women and results in significantly lower estrogen and progesterone levels. Hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal dryness, and insomnia are just a few of the unpleasant symptoms that can result from this hormonal upheaval.

Nuvia Labs uses organic plant-based substances that support women’s bodies’ hormonal balance, Meno is a dietary supplement that promises to reduce the symptoms of menopause.

Alfalfa Extract, a plant that is native to North America and has been utilized for many years by indigenous tribes as a medicine, is one of the main components of Nuvia Lab Meno. Two of the most typical symptoms, hot flashes and nocturnal sweats, can be lessened by Black Cohosh, according to studies.

Rhubarb root extract, a Chinese herb that has been used for generations to enhance women’s health, is another component of Nuvia Lab Meno. Rhubarb is believed to promote sexual performance, alleviate vaginal dryness, and assist control of estrogen levels.

Finally, Red Clover, a plant rich in isoflavones, a type of phytoestrogen that can imitate the actions of estrogen in the body, is also a component of Nuvia Lab Meno. Hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms may be reduced as a result.

In general, Nuvia Lab Meno is a natural and secure method of assisting women’s health during the menopausal transition. Nuvia Lab Meno can help to lessen the painful symptoms of menopause and enhance women’s general quality of life by giving the body plant-based components that help to balance hormone levels.

What Ingredients Are In Nuvia Labs Meno

Luprenol is a new natural ingredient useful to relieve the discomfort of menopause. Menopause is a physiological state of women characterized by amenorrhea due to the cessation of ovarian function. The low level of estrogen produces a range of symptoms that affect women´s health and well-being.

Luprenol is a hops extract standardized on 8-prenylnaringenin, a molecule identified as the most potent phytoestrogen. Unlike other phytoestrogens, 8-PN is absorbed directly and produces rapid improvement of menopause discomfort

Libifem: A saponin-rich extract called Libifem helps women maintain healthy estradiol levels. Clinical studies have demonstrated that this extract helps women maintain healthy sexual energy and desire and reduces common menopausal symptoms.

One in four women experiences a loss of sexual desire, which can afflict adult women of any age. Though it’s common, there aren’t many supplement options. A special herbal supplement called Libifem supports the female hormone estradiol, which helps increase sexual desire.

A typical aspect of menopause, a natural biological process that can be accompanied by a variety of symptoms, is a decrease in estradiol. Women may experience these symptoms to varied degrees, which can occasionally lead to discomfort and distress.

Vita Algae D: A well-known nutrient essential, studies have shown how vitamin D3 can help to support the normal function of the immune system. Impressive scientific findings have also demonstrated how vitamin D3 can also help contribute towards the maintenance of normal muscle function and normal bones.

Normally derived from the fat of lambswool, vitamin D3 helps enhance your immune system; however, at Nourished, ours is sourced from algae. According to a classic study, vitamin D lowers the risk of falling. This means that with the absence of estrogen due to menopause, your bones become less brittle. Bone fractures are more likely to occur in women due to certain levels of estrogen.


: this is a bioavailable source of folate that is recommended for use in infant formula, baby food, and processed cereal-based diets. The use of folate contributes to a number of advantages, such as appropriate immunological function, reduced fatigue, erythropoiesis, etc.

Along with many other health advantages, it contains potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities as well as the ability to enhance mood and improve cognition.

Red Clover leaf and flower extract:

Red clover supplements have been used in the treatment of osteoporosis and the management of menopause symptoms. This plant has a long history of use as a treatment for gout, cancer, whooping cough, and asthma. Its extracts are frequently advertised nowadays for osteoporosis, high cholesterol, and menopause symptoms. It improves bone health, skin, hair health, and heart health. It also helps in the management of menopausal symptoms.

Alfalfa Herb Extract:

The traditional uses of alfalfa as a medicine are numerous. They include treating kidney stones, reducing blood pressure, acting as a diuretic, boosting breast milk production, and treating arthritis.

Alfalfa has historically been used as an antidiabetic, or blood sugar-lowering, substance. This plant has a long history of usage in Ayurvedic medicine to treat illnesses brought on by oxidative damage and inflammation.

Alfalfa appears to stop the intestinal absorption of cholesterol.

It has been demonstrated to be effective in managing and treating conditions like diabetes, urinary tract illnesses, breast milk production, inflammation, and problems with reproductive health.

Rhubarb Root Extract [1,5% Rhein]

Rhubarb is a species of plant in the knotweed family naturally found in China. It contains a number of beneficial substances for health, including, among others, rhodontin, which by its action resembles phytoestrogens. As a result, it effectively counteracts the symptoms of menopause, improves mood, and contributes to the proper functioning of the digestive system. In addition, rhubarb is extremely rich in calcium, which, combined with vitamin D, helps counteract osteoporosis.

Vitamin E

One of the most potent naturally occurring antioxidants. Helps protect DNA, proteins, and lipids from oxidative stress. It is extremely important for maintaining normal body health, and deficiencies can lead to increased feelings of fatigue, impaired concentration, or decreased libido.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is essential for maintaining normal body health, as it is involved in many processes in the body. It contributes to maintaining normal hormonal activity and supports the functioning of the nervous system and the immune system. In addition, it also affects the reduction of feelings of fatigue and tiredness, participates in the normal course of psychological functions, and the normal acquisition of energy in metabolic processes.

How To Take Nuvia Lab Meno

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The body’s natural aging process known as menopause naturally occurs in women between the ages of 45 and 55.

Recommended dosage is two Nuvialab Meno capsules daily.

Each pack contains 60 capsules which is enough for 30 days.

To enhance the absorption of the active components, each dose should be taken right before or right after a meal. Ladies should keep in mind that taking capsules consistently is the secret to success.

 Side Effects

There are currently no documented side effects of this product.


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“I was having a lot of trouble with hot flashes and night sweats, which were disturbing my sleep and giving me anxiety during the day. However, I’ve seen a significant improvement ever since I started taking Meno. I’m getting better sleep, feeling more energized, and I’m no longer preoccupied with wondering when the next hot flash will occur. I’m grateful to Meno for giving me back my life.”

Carrie , 42

“I’ve always had issues with hormonal imbalances, so going through menopause was quite difficult for me. I was having difficulty focusing, poor energy, and mood swings. But after taking Meno for a couple of weeks, I’ve noticed a big change in how I feel and how much energy I have. It’s a fantastic feeling to know that I’m capable of handling anything.”


For me, NuviaLab Meno has completely changed the game. I was experiencing excruciating joint pain and stiffness that made it challenging for me to exercise and engage in the activities I normally enjoyed doing. Nevertheless, after taking it for a few weeks, I’ve experienced a notable decrease in my joint pain and am now able to move around much more effortlessly. I’m really appreciative of this stuff!


“It can seem impossible to deal with the menopause symptoms when you also have to deal with anxiety and despair. Before I started taking Meno, I was really having mental health issues, but right now I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Every day I feel more like myself and am able to deal with my issues better.”


“Though I had my doubts at first, I’m so happy I tried NuviaLab Meno. I was experiencing bloating and digestive issues, which made me feel quite insecure and uncomfortable. I have, however, seen a significant improvement in my digestion and no longer feel as bloated after taking it for a few weeks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is NuviaLab Meno, and what does it do?

A: NuviaLab Meno is a dietary supplement designed to help minimize and manage the symptoms of menopause in women. It contains natural ingredients that can help balance hormone levels, reduce hot flashes and night sweats, boost energy levels, and improve mood and overall well-being.

Q: What are the key ingredients in NuviaLab Meno?

A: It contains a blend of natural ingredients, including libifem, vita algae d, Alfalfa extract, red clover leaf extract. These ingredients have been shown to help reduce the symptoms of menopause and improve overall health and wellness.

Q: Is NuviaLab Meno safe to use?

A: Yes, It is safe to use, as it contains only natural ingredients and is free of harmful chemicals and additives. However, as with any dietary supplement, it is recommended that you consult with your healthcare provider before use, especially if you have any underlying medical conditions or are taking medication.

Q: How do I take NuviaLab Meno, and how long does it take to work?

A: The recommended dosage for NuviaLab Meno is two capsules per day, taken with a meal. It may take a few weeks to start seeing the full benefits of the supplement, as it works to naturally balance hormone levels and support overall health and well-being.

Q: Can men use NuviaLab Meno?

A: No, this supplement is specifically designed for women experiencing menopause and its symptoms. Men do not typically experience the hormonal changes associated with menopause and therefore would not benefit from taking this supplement.

NuviaLab Meno- How can I Buy It?

To buy this supplement, you will need to order directly from the company’s website here. Nuvia labs handle all orders directly. They do not distribute via 3rd parties.

Basic, one package, 60 capsules;

Standard, two packs plus one free, 180 capsules;

Optimal, three packs and as many free, up to 360 capsules.

Shipping is carried out within 24 hours of placing the order.


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NuviaLab Meno is an effective supplement for managing menopausal symptoms. A number of the compounds in its all-natural recipe have been demonstrated to support hormone balance and good post-menopausal well being

Although individual outcomes may differ, the overwhelmingly positive feedback from delighted customers suggests that this supplement may be worthwhile for pre and post-menopausal women to take into account.

Have you tried NuviaLab Meno. If so, how did that go for you? If not, what additional all-natural treatments for menopausal symptoms have you tried?

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