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29 Frequently Asked Questions About L-Glutamine


L-glutamine is an amino acid that is found in your muscles and is important for immune system function. It is also involved in muscle protein synthesis and can help reduce muscle soreness after exercise.
There is a lot of interest in using l-glutamine supplements to improve exercise performance and boost immunity, but there is still much to learn about this amino acid.

This article discusses 29 frequently asked questions about l-glutamine, such as its benefits, side effects, and dosage.

Can L-glutamine Cause Inflammation?

No, it does not cause inflammation. It helps to reduce inflammation in the gut

L-glutamine and Sickle Cell: Mechanism of Action

L glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body. It is rich in antioxidant properties. It increases the availability of glutathione in the gut.

Are glutamine and l-glutamine the same thing?

They are the same, the only difference is the molecular form. L-glutamine is the form found in supplements while glutamine is found in foods and the body.

Can lt cause liver damage?

Some studies showed that Liver failure may be associated with high levels of plasma glutamine. It would take a consistent overdose of l glutamine supplements over a long period of time to actually cause liver failure.

How long does l-glutamine last?

Glutamine is an amino acid. Amino acids last in the body anywhere from 48 -72 hrs then it is excreted from the body.

How quickly does l-glutamine work?

Studies show that l glutamine can take up to 10 days to tighten up the gut lining.

L-glutamine: sickle cell dosage?

The recommended dosage for l glutamine in patients with sickle cell is 10 to 30 gms taken orally.

Does it help heal ulcers?

Glutamine has been shown to speed up the healing rate of ulcers. Some studies show that some ulcers healed within 4 weeks of taking the supplement.

Does it help the immune system?

 It improves immune function and healing via its anti-oxidant properties. It also helps in preserving amino acid storage.

L- glutamine and glutathione: Do they do the same thing

Taking glutamine supplements help to maintain high levels of glutathione in the body. It helps in avoiding oxidative stress that could cause tissue damage.

Does l-glutamine kill bacteria?

it increases and promotes the efficacy of numerous antibiotics. However, on its own, it has a minimal anti-bacterial effect.

Does cancer feed on l-glutamine?

Cancer cells feed on most tissue cells. They especially feed on glutathione because of its high antioxidant content. An increase in utilization and dependency on glutathione helps cancer cells to grow.

Is L glutamine good for colitis, Crohn’s disease, and irritable bowel syndrome?

Glutamine helps in maintaining the integrity of the lining of the mucosa. It has been shown to reduce inflammation and disease activity.

Can glutamine affect fertility?

There are no known studies that show glutamine affects fertility in either men or women.

Does it increase sexual stamina?

No, there are no cases that show that glutamine increases sexual stamina.

Can glutamine cause stomach upsets?

If you are allergic to glutamine or take too much oral glutamine. It can cause abdominal pain.

Can glutamine cause constipation?

Yes, it can cause constipation. It is actually one of the side effects of glutathione supplementation.

Can glutamine cause acne?

Glutamine is an abundant amino acid. Amino acids make skin cells grow and divide more quickly. This can aid in the formation of acne.

Can glutamine cause weight gain?

Taking glutamine does not cause weight gain. Since glutamine only seems to affect lean muscles. There is no fat storage.

What foods contain glutamine?

Glutamine can be found in a lot of foods. Some examples are

  • Fish
  • Meat
  • Chicken
  • Cabbage
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Yogurt
  • Cheese and many more

Can I take L Glutamine when pregnant?

There are no studies that show the effects of glutamine in pregnancy or if it has an adverse effect on pregnancy. Glutamine should only be taken during pregnancy if the benefit outweighs the risks.

Can I Take Glutamine While breastfeeding?

Effects of glutamine while breastfeeding is unknown.

Can I take Glutamine when I am stressed?

It can help protect against stress-induced ulcers. However, it is not widely known if it has any effect on stress.

Who needs glutamine?

  • People who are immunocompromised.
  • Those who have issues with gut health
  • Those who want to maintain muscle protein
  • May help those with irritable bowel syndrome

Who shouldn’t take glutamine?

  • people with kidney disease
  • people with liver disease
  • people with cancer
  • people who are allergic to L glutamine

Will glutamine help me lose weight?

Glutamine has been known to boost short-term weight loss. it also improves insulin sensitivity

Will glutamine keep you awake?

There is no known research that shows that glutamine causes insomnia. It is actually good for sleeping.

Will glutamine help sore muscles?

Glutamine supplementation can aid in faster muscle recovery.

Will glutamine help me sleep?

Glutamine tends to have a stimulating effect when first taken then later it becomes more sedative. So, timing your supplement intake may help improve your sleep.


Glutamine is an amino acid that aids in fixing your leaky gut. It is wonderful for bowel health. Glutamine supplementation is a good option if you are immunocompromised, have IBS, or even want to maintain your muscle protein. Discuss with your doctor and give it a try today.

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