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All You Need To Know About Brazilian Butt Lift

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 According to Forbes, Brazilian butt lift and butt implant surgeries are one of the fastest growing surgeries. The number of women that have gotten bbl from the early 2000s till late 2021 has more than doubled. So many female celebrities have also joined the bbl trend, which in turn has made it even more popular.

What is Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

In the simplest terms, bbl is a procedure where the doctor sucks out fat from your arms, back, thighs or abdomen and transfers them to your buttocks. BBl is a very popular surgery that many young and old women have already undergone or are considering having done.

Why Might You Consider BBL Surgery?

People consider having bbl surgery for different reasons. Some may be physical; some may be psychological. Some people will never be satisfied with how their bodies look, so surgical options like bbl provide a much-needed option for those not comfortable with their physical looks.

Why Is BBL a Dangerous Surgery?

In relative comparison, bbl is actually safe when done by a licensed professional. BBL deaths are like 2 in 6000 which is not bad compared to mortality figures of other surgeries. However, surgeons became more aggressive over the years, reallocating much more significant amounts of fat into various planes of the buttocks, which led to the labeling of the surgery as dangerous and even lethal.

The aggressive reallocation of fat into deeper spaces can lead to vessel injury via fat embolism, and also because this procedure is not hard to learn and some countries permit doctors to do butt lifts without having full accreditation as a plastic surgeon. In other words, you can take a one-month course and be licensed to perform some procedures.

This has led to a lot of quacks and back-alley doctors committing horrendous practices. This has in turn given Brazilian butt lift such a bad name

History of Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

The Brazilian butt lift is commonly recognized as having been invented by Brazilian plastic surgeon Ivo Pitanguy (1926–2016), despite the fact that the method drew on years of prior research in the area. He also helped to enhance surgical techniques for tummy tucks, breast augmentation, and facelifts. He was a pioneer in the field.

In 1964, Pitanguy published a paper on early buttock lift surgery, which removed excess skin and tissue to correct sagging. This method tightened and toned, but wasn’t able to increase volume or projection. A few years later in 1969 Bartels et al documented the earliest butt augmentation procedure using a silicone breast implant to correct the atrophy of a patient’s left buttock. Cocke and Ricketson went on to document the first purely cosmetic butt augmentation in 1973. This led to the commercial development of a butt-specific implant. Gluteal implants continued to improve as style and size options increased in line with innovative new surgeries and fabrications over the next decade.

All through the 1980s, liposuction gained popularity as a viable technique in body contouring, though the field was still young and relatively niche, for anyone who could afford it. Medical professionals experimented with processing and reinjecting the fat removed through liposuction. The method became more popular in the 1990s after New York City plastic surgeon Sydney Coleman published a series of papers outlining standardized practices for the complex procedure

What Are The Benefits Of BBL Surgery?

Improves your body proportions

To improve their body proportions, most people opt for a Brazilian butt lift

The injections give you the figure you’ve always wanted by enhancing your butt. This operation also reshapes your butt, enabling you to change the way your body naturally curves. This means that you can either go for an hourglass form or just enlarge your buttocks. Your decision is entirely up to you.

A BBL might be the best option for you if you’re one among the many people who lead a healthy lifestyle but still struggle to get the body you want.

Reduces fat pockets from other parts of your body

You will require fat deposits from another area of the body to have a BBL procedure. Your overall figure will improve as a result of losing excess body fat from problem areas like the abdomen. The stomach, hips, thighs, and love handles are among the body parts that fat is sucked from and transferred to the buttocks. It really is the best of all worlds since you can inject fat where it is needed and lose fat where it is not wanted.

BBLs have a natural look and feel

When performed by a surgeon who knows what he is doing, your bbl surgery can have a natural look and feel, with No disproportionate sides, no lumps or depressions, and no skin drooping or discoloration.

Quick results

Are you one of those people that spends hours in the gym trying to grow a big butt? Do you do squats, donkey raises, hip thrusts, static lunges and after a long period of consistent effort, you still don’t see the booty results that you need? Then a Brazilian butt lift surgery may be the next option for you.

More fitting clothes

When you get those curves and outlines that you want after undergoing a bbl surgery, you will definitely get those figure-fitting clothes. Those clothes that highlight your new shape and curves.

Less visible cellulite

By rearranging the fat deposits in your body, while feeling soft, your butt will also be firmer and fuller. Thus, it will aid in minimizing any cellulite that is currently present in your body.

Additionally, this procedure can aid in reducing cellulite on your thighs because it raises your buttocks. You may tone your butt and legs with BBL surgery. Once this is done, your butt and thighs appear more toned and less dimpled from cellulite.

The safest form of butt enhancement

Despite being a dangerous surgery for a multitude of reasons, it is still the safest form of butt enhancement. Because money is tight, most people go for quack doctors and end up giving the surgery such a bad name. Most of these quack doctors perform these procedures with little or no regulations.

Injections for butt growth can be dangerous and could cause severe allergic reactions. If you use implants, they feel more like hard tight muscles than soft flesh.

BBl adds volume to your buttocks and also reshapes them.

Improves self-esteem.

When you see a woman who used to be too skinny, had no breasts, and had a flat bum after she has done a bbl surgery. You will understand the change in self-esteem. You see the outward glow, the confidence, the swag, and all that comes with getting the body of your dreams. The self-esteem of most women skyrockets.

Increases male attention

This goes without saying. Most men notice a woman with well-endowed assets. Even though most women undergo this procedure for their own benefit. It is an added benefit to garner those looks. `       

 How Is BBL Surgery Performed?

The treatment is typically carried out under anesthesia, although in cases when a lower amount of fat is transferred, a simple local anesthetic may be used (numbing medication). In particular, if being under anesthesia makes you queasy, you may request an anti-nausea drug ahead of time.

After that, your surgeon will use liposuction to remove fat from your hips, stomach, and thighs, among other parts of your body. Making skin incisions and utilizing a tube to suck fat from the body are the two steps in the liposuction procedure itself.

The fat stores that have just been removed from your body are purified and readied for injection into your buttocks.

As a final step, your surgeon will inject the processed fat into particular buttocks regions to give them a fuller, more rounded appearance. For fat transfers, they make three to five incisions around the buttocks.


Both liposuction and fat transfer incisions are closed up with stitches. Your surgeon then applies a compression garment against the affected areas of your skin to minimize your risk of bleeding.

What Are The Risks And Side Effects Of BBL Surgery?

 This surgery carries fewer risks compared to other surgeries. But it is still safer compared to other surgical procedures. These side effects include

  • infection
  • scarring
  • pain
  • lumps under the skin in the areas suctioned or injected
  • loss of skin in the treated areas due to deep infection
  • fat embolism in the heart or lungs, which can be deadly

Another known side effect is the failure of your buttocks to take up the grafted fat stores. A certain amount of the fat injected is broken down and absorbed by the body. Sometimes you may need an additional one or two procedures.

How To Prepare For BBL Surgery

Stop Smoking and Avoid Alcohol: Nicotine affects the healing process. It is important that you stop both alcohol and smoking.

 Follow a Healthy Diet and Drink Plenty of Water: your body needs to be constantly hydrated leading up to the surgery.

Maintain an Ideal and Healthy Weight: Because BBl is a procedure that involves using your own fat to inject in other areas, you need to maintain a healthy weight. Most doctors will advise that you maintain a certain BMI (basic metabolic index)

Mentally Prepare for the Procedure: No matter how confident you are. Mental preparation for any type of procedure is a must, especially one that involves changing your outward appearance.

Stock Up on Any Supplies You Need. Well, you are going to be recovering at the hospital and you will not be able to go out during recovery.

Set Up a Comfortable Recovery Space. You are not going to be able to sit down for some time during recovery. So, make a comfortable space.

Who Is A Good Candidate For BBL Surgery?

Any woman who is not entirely happy with the way her body, particularly how her lower body, looks is probably an excellent candidate for this procedure. For a variety of reasons, such as to enhance their body confidence or to fit into nicer, tighter clothes, women seek this therapy to improve the form of their buttocks. Candidates for the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure include:

  • Enhance the size and shape of the buttocks
  • 3d volume aesthetics
  • Remove unwanted excess fat
  • Slim and smooth their shape
  • Correct the appearance of cellulite
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 What Should You Expect After The Surgery?

Recovery from a Brazilian butt lift necessitates some unique adjustments. After the procedure, you won’t be able to sit or rest directly on your buttocks for about two weeks, even though pain is normally moderate and easily managed with painkillers.

You will have to sleep on your side or stomach during this period, and you must either stand or lie in this position for all activities other than using the restroom. When you’re ready, your cosmetic surgeon will let you sit in a modified position that relieves pressure on your buttocks by utilizing a “donut” seat or inserting a pillow between your thighs. After around 8 weeks, normal sitting activity is usually permitted.

Brazilain Butt Lift Vs Butt Implants

The fact that the Brazilian butt lift procedure enhances buttock size without using implants is a huge benefit. The operation carries a low risk of problems and can produce remarkably natural-looking and feeling results when performed by a cosmetic surgeon with specialized training and working in a facility that has received accreditation.

If you are extremely thin, however, you might not have enough fat to harvest, and buttock implants might be your only option to get the desired size increase. However, it’s crucial to be aware of the additional dangers associated with having implants, such as capsular contracture and a higher risk of infection. Buttock implants may be a useful alternative for some patients. Compared to a professionally executed Brazilian butt lift, buttock implants might also appear and feel less natural.


Brazilian butt surgery is a cosmetic procedure that can improve the shape and appearance of the buttocks. The surgery is performed by transferring fat from other areas of the body to the buttocks, and can be combined with other procedures such as liposuction. If you are considering this type of surgery, be sure to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your goals and options.

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