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How To Perform Oral Sex Like A Pro

oral sex

What Is Oral Sex

Oral Sex is the act of using the mouth to sexually stimulate the genitals of a sex partner. According to the CDC, 85% of sexually active adults around 18-44 years have had oral sex only once.

Types of Oral Sex

Fellatio (Penis): This involves sucking on the penis and surrounding area (scrotum included)

Cunninglingus (Vagina): It Involves eating the clitoris, vulva, vagina, and surrounding area

Anilingus (anal): This involves stimulating the anus with your mouth

Sexually Transmitted Infections You Can Get Through Oral Sex

Does Oral Sex Cause Throat Cancer

Oral Sex does not directly cause throat cancer. It however spreads HPV. HPV can cause the mutation of pre-cancerous cells to lead to throat cancer later on.

How Does It Feel When A Woman Receives Oral Sex

Some women were asked how it felt to receive oral sex from their partners. A woman described it as having waves of pleasure build up to a feeling of earth-quaking release. Some described it as a feeling the sensation and vibration from their vagina to every other part of their body.

The more the intensity of the tongue stroking the clitoris, the greater the feeling of sharp pleasant, arousing heat.

How I Imagine A Woman Should Feel While Receiving Oral Sex

I believe every woman should feel like all her sins have been washed away after reaching orgasm. It should start with worshipping a woman’s body, every curve, every scar, and every birthmark. You should slowly kiss her neck while holding her breast gently, you gently press her breasts like you are kneading soft bread.

As you proceed, slowly let your lips slide against her nipples, just a slight kiss on the side of her breasts then gently lift her breasts and kiss, lick and suck underneath them.  While caressing her breasts softly, glide your hand down and slowly stroke her clitoris.  As she is fully relaxed, kiss her from the middle of her breast, down to her navel, and proceed to her mons pubis.

Now as you finally open her legs, kiss her thighs, hold them close, and rub your lips slowly against her inner thighs. As you lay your eyes on her clitoris, gently kiss it, then lick and suck on it gently and with care.

She should feel like multiple volcanoes are about to erupt simultaneously.  Orgasm through oral sex should be a liberating experience for any woman. It should take her to the 6th dimension. Inside her should feel like a cascade of fireworks going off with increasing intensity until she explodes in absolute pleasure. If you do this right, she will either ask for penetrative sex immediately or fall asleep

How Does The Vagina Taste

oral sex

A healthy vagina tastes exactly like a vagina. This just means it can be sweet or sour, metallic, spicy, acidic, or fishy. Anything that changes the pH of the vagina, can also change the taste of a vagina.

Feminine hygiene scented products may make your vagina smell like strawberries. But this also puts it at a higher risk of infection. When menstruating the blood causes the vagina to have a metallic taste. When ovulating, thick cervical mucus can make your vagina taste like a musky summer.

Foods That Can Change The Taste Of The Vagina

There is no known research linking foods to vaginal taste. But some anecdotal reports say that spicy foods make your vagina taste like spice. Certain fruits and vegetables make the vagina taste nice and grassy e.g. pineapple, watermelon, and wheatgrass. Foods like the ones listed below are most likely to alter your vagina ph., as a result altering the taste.

oral sex
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Sugary drinks
  • Dairy products
  • Certain fruits and vegetables

Can Oral Sex Lead To Pregnancy

No, it is impossible to get a woman pregnant by stimulating her genitals with your mouth. Even if a woman swallows your sperm, she cannot get pregnant from it.

NB: you cannot get pregnant from kissing too much or from having anal sex

Oral Sex Positions

The 69: This involves one partner lying on the floor and the partner lies on top of them facing the opposite direction.

oral sex
image from cosmopolitan.com

Sit and Kneel: One partner sits and the other partner kneels and stimulates the genitals of the sitting partner.

On Your Stomach: This is when you lie on your stomach with a pillow directly underneath your tummy. Arc your hips up and slightly spread your legs. This gives your partner access to eat you out from behind.

oral sex
image from cosmopolitan.com

Lie On Your Back: This is the classic position. Just lie on your back and let your partner pleasure your genitals.

Face Sitting (Queening): The female rides the face of her male or female partner. You can lick, suck and kiss your partner’s genitals.

oral sex
image from cosmopolitan.com

FaceTiming: This involves the woman standing, leaning on a wall and the male kneels. He kneels with one leg of his partner hanging on his shoulder while he devours her velvet cave.

oral sex
image from cosmopolitan.com

Slave and Master: The male binds the woman’s thighs to her calves and with a leather band, binds her wrists to her ankles. He then proceeds to eat her out while she has no way of holding him back.

oral sex

Curveball: The receiver lies back with their knees bent to their chest. This position gives the partner access to the receiver’s breast, clitoris, and anus for stimulation.

oral sex

Male Straddle: The male lies in a plank position while the female lies on her back underneath him. While his penis will be directly facing her mouth to enable gentle thrusting and sensual sucking.

Swiper: The female lies on her back, and elevates her waist with pillows or towels. The male plants his face directly into the raised vagina. He makes a suction with his mouth over the clitoris and moves his tongue left and right, while still maintaining the suction.

oral sex


Oral sex definitely has its drawbacks. But when practicing, it is advisable to practice oral sex with only one partner. Oral sex plays a big role in foreplay, you can actually make your woman orgasm before you penetrate her. You do this by utilizing oral sex and sensual touches.

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