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All You Need To Know About Masturbation: Benefits, Side Effects, And More

What Is Masturbation

Masturbation is an act that involves you touching your genitals for erotic sexual pleasure. This usually leads to ejaculation and/or orgasm. According to a study,78 percent of adults in the world masturbate, including 96 percent of British men, 93 percent of German men, and 92 percent of American men; 78 percent of British women, 76 percent of German women, and 76 percent of American women.


  • Nipple (men and women)
  • Penile (men)
  • Clitoral (women)
  • Vaginal
  • Anal (men and women)

Why Do People Masturbate

  • People masturbate for different reasons. Masturbation should not be seen as a bad thing or a taboo. Here are a few
  • It helps some people understand their bodies
  • It can relieve sexual tension and frustration
  • Just because it feels good.
  • People masturbate when their partners are not around
  • For better sleep
  • Some people think masturbating before a date will help them last longer
  • Couples try mutual masturbation as a way to spice up their sex life
  • Some people prefer it to sex with a partner

Disadvantages of Masturbation

  • If you masturbate every day. It can become an addiction
  • It can make your penis desensitized to the vagina. If you masturbate frequently, the grip on your penis is never as tight as the grip of a vagina. For women, a man cannot always get you to orgasm but you can achieve that with masturbation.
  • It can affect your social life. Masturbation normally goes in hand with watching porn. Doing it frequently can cause you to withdraw from social life.
  • Using or sharing sex toys with one or multiple people can accumulate bacteria and cause infections

If You Masturbate Every day, Will Your Sperm Count Drop

As long as you have a healthy normal sperm count. You should not be worried about a dip in sperm count.  If you stop daily masturbation, it takes the body 7 days for sperm levels to return to normal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Cause Muscle Loss: The answer is No. Masturbation does not cause muscle loss.

Does It Cause Weight Loss: There is no known study that shows masturbation helps with weight loss.

Does It Cause Memory Loss: There is no link between memory loss and masturbation.

Does It Cause PCOS In Women: No evidence showing that it causes PCOS.

Does It Cause Prostate Cancer: Frequent masturbation in young men showed no correlation with prostate cancer. Men in their 50s that masturbated at a lower risk of prostate cancer.

Does It Cause Decrease In Testosterone: There is no evidence to show that it affects testosterone levels.

Does It Affect Stamina: Masturbation does not make it harder or easier to maintain an erection


Masturbation is a normal act. It should not be viewed as a bad thing. However, overindulging in anything is ultimately bad. It is a good way to explore and understand your body in all the right ways.

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